Film is one or the most powerful, if not THE most powerful, medium in terms of shaping and swaying public dialogue and opinion because of its dramatic, larger-than-life, visual nature.  The immediacy of the moving image is very alluring, so much so that as a culture we have begun to prefer it as the medium through which we get our news (television), learn (Powerpoint), and communicate (Skype).

We will be watching two famous and controversial films this semester, The Battle of Algiers (1966) and Standard Operating Procedure (2008)Both films deal with issues that will come up again and again in our class: counter-insurgency and torture.  We will use these films as an opportunity to reflect on the ways in which film persuades us in different ways than text, and the ways in which complex issues are represented differently on film.

In addition to these two films, you are encouraged to attend screenings of the other films in the Y:1 series.  Check out the schedule here.

Check out the trailers for both films below: