Assignment #1: Annotating the text

Your first assignment of the semester is to create a reading guide to Aslan’s Beyond Fundamentalism.  You will do this in 5 groups of 3.  Each group will be responsible for one chapter, and every group will be responsible for the final chapter.

The guide you will create should be a cross between an annotated bibliography and endnotes, like the ones found at the end of Aslan’s book, which can accessed by simply tapping on the highlighted passages.


  1.  So that each one of you will be covering roughly the same number of pages, divide the assigned chapters into thirds.  Within each third, you must record at least 10 entries.
  2. Entries should be selected based on how crucial they are to understanding the author’s intent and/or argument as fully as possible.  You should avoid simply providing dictionary definitions for unfamiliar words, and focus instead on historical events, concepts, people and places that the average reader would not know.  Whenever possible, include an image that will help the reader visualize the entry.
  3. You may use the Web and Databases available through the Cochran Library Website, but you may not use Wikipedia.  Lisa Johnston, Sweet Briar’s head reference librarian suggests using Credo Reference and Oxford Reference On-line Premium.
  4. All Web sources (including images) must be cited in MLA style.  See the Purdue On-Line Writing Lab’s handy guide for citing electronic sources here.