Looking Back

After re-reading Schmidle’s article after watching Restrepo and reading Tim O’Brien’s piece, my view on the New Yorker article is still the same.  Having read a lot of articles, I have learned to read anything that is not written as a first hand account with a grain of salt.  Stories of war unfold the way the person telling them wants them to.

Soldiers exposed to the dangers of combat in a place like the Korengal Valley are forced to deal with emotions ranging from one extreme to the other.  When watching Restrepo, I saw, through the soldiers’ eyes, the pain they endured.

Taking into account the movie and the O’Brien piece, my view of the Schmidle article still remains the same.  I feel that the article does have some truth to it, but it cannot be considered an account of what really happened the night they finally killed Geronimo.  Each source Schmidle used for information to use in his article was a small piece of a large puzzle.  If that puzzle had been completed, countless lives would have been at risk. That puzzle includes every last detail of the night Osama Bin Laden was killed, including the names of the SEALs and details that the American people will never know for certain.


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