After reading the assigned readings and watching the movie I am more educated on how much soldiers go through in their emotions.

Soldiers experience firsthand the loss of loved ones, friends, and other soldiers around them.  They not only see the gruesomeness of the war but they have to continue to do their duty after hardships happen.  They have to continue to be strong and complete what they have been assigned to do.  In the movie Restrepo it really got to me how hard being on the battlefield is when a friend is lost.  The soldiers in the movie  did not have time to stop and mourn their lost soldier.  They were still being shot at and had their own lives and other soldiers lives to watch out for.

Another thing that spoke to me was also in Restrepo.  It was uplifting to see how happy the soldiers were when they heard the news they could return home.  The soldiers would finally be safe and out of harm’s way.  Soldiers in the movie would look forward to the plane ride home for months.  It makes you really appreciate having a safe place to come home to everyday.

Other readings and movies we have watched have never really gone into the deep feelings soldiers go through on a daily basis.  I really enjoyed the difference of the last readings and the movie Restrepo and how it really opened my eyes on what goes on during the war that most people do not get a chance to know of hear about.

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