Penultimate Assignment

You have two remaining assignments this semester.  The first, due by December 2nd, is what I will call “The Museum of 9.11 Culture and Influence.”


You have been asked by the head curator of the museum, Corrine Adams, to select an artifact that will be placed in this museum.  The artifact will need to be described in the minutest of detail and be accompanied by a 500 word interpretative statement that will help the museum-goer understand the importance of the object and what insight it provides into the way 9.11 changed American life and/or the world order.

For the purposes of this assignment, “artifact” can be broadly defined as a physical object, work of art (including music), law, act of congress, policy, belief or phenomenon that you feel came as a result (directly or indirectly) of the 9.11 attacks.

The description of the artifact should note the medium (material it is made out of or genre), dimensions (size), duration (time length), as well any other distinguishing information, like the author, manufacturer, publisher, and date of its making or origin.

The 500 word interpretative statement should be written objectively and cite expert testimony describing the artifact and its importance.  (Please use MLA style when citing.)

A tumblr blog that will be used to house the artifacts, so you will be able to include audio, video, and hyperlinks to present your artifact, as well as supplement the museum-goers understanding of your artifact.

The blog is located here:


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Dave Griffith is Assistant Professor of English at Sweet Briar College. He is the author of A Good War is Hard to Find: The Art of Violence in America.
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