The Schmidle Muddle

Here are three short commentaries on the controversy surrounding Nicholas Schmidle’s New Yorker article “Getting Bin Laden.”


Read these articles and then write your own editor’s note that provides the reader with what you think is the proper context for reading the work.

Here is an example of a previous New Yorker editor’s note. ¬†This one introduces John Hersey’s famous 1946 account of the aftermath of the atomic bombing of the Japanese city of Hiroshima. ¬†Hersey’s account took up the entire issue of the magazine, and is now widely known as one of the most important magazine articles in history.

TO OUR READERS. The New Yorker this week devotes its entire editorial space to an article on the almost complete obliteration of a city by one atomic bomb, and what happened to the people of that city. It does so in the conviction that few of us have yet comprehended the all but incredible destructive power of this weapon, and that everyone might well take time to consider the terrible implications of its use. The Editors.


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Dave Griffith is Assistant Professor of English at Sweet Briar College. He is the author of A Good War is Hard to Find: The Art of Violence in America.
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