Untitled and Anonymous

After hearing Masha Hamilton speak to the y:1 group, I was deeply moved by the work that she has done over the years. Not only is Masha Hamilton an activist and journalist trying to help Afghan women, but she is an author, and most importantly, a mother. During our time with her, she mentioned how her daughter accompanied her on her trip to Africa for the Camel Bookmobile.  In fact, her daughter  was the person who introduced Masha Hamilton to the idea for the book that has been published in six different countries.

After explaining more of the Afghan Women’s Writing Project, I got online and explored the website. Reading first hand accounts from women I will never meet in person–women like Sofia, who was married off for money rather than being allowed to marry the man, the stranger, that she loved– opened my mind to further understand what these women are going through.  The fact that these women risk their lives to share their stories with the world, whether as anonymous stories or by sharing their names, is astonishing, and  Masha Hamilton is an amazing woman who is willing to help these women share their stories.

I am so thankful to have been able to hear Masha Hamilton speak to us about the work she is doing and the work she has done in the past. Going back to Don Goodrich’s presentation of the work Sally Goodrich had accomplished before she passed away, I feel that Americans like Sally and Masha are doing their part in making a difference in Afghanistan.

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