Why are we Afraid?

Why are we afraid of these people?  Because for some reason Americans, in general, seem to stereotype all Muslims as being terrorists.  This might be because the terrorists who were part of the 9/11 attacks on the United States just happened to be Muslim.  But this does not mean that all Muslims are terrorists.  For example, we could use this analogy.  Say there is a gang in your town, who is taking part in random shootings, that is made up of African American women only.  Does this mean that every African American woman in your town is part of this gang?  Of course it doesn’t.  We know that not all African American women are not part of this gang because we know some African American woman on a personal basis.

So why are Americans, in general, afraid of Muslims?  I think that the reason that people are afraid of Muslims is because they are uneducated.  Like Masha Hamilton stated, the problem that we are facing is that we are so afraid of these people because we don’t know them on a personal level.  Also, we are so afraid of these people that we don’t want to get to know them on a personal level.  The military was supposed to go into Afghanistan and fix things but all the military is doing is standing behind weapons because they are afraid of these people.  I feel like we should try to get to know and understand these people on a more personal and a more one on one basis before we start to judge anybody.  It may not fix the problem but, it may help us understand how to fix things a little better.

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