“Fear is our enemy”

While sitting in a lecture Wednesday afternoon, Masha Hamilton said something that stood out among all other words. She stated that “Fear is our enemy.” As I sat there listening to her elaborate on this wise statement I thought of other prominent leaders that made similar testimonies. For example, in 1933 Franklin D. Roosevelt declared in his first inaugural address that “We have nothing to fear except fear itself.” This famous declaration rang true for many Americans suffering from the Great Depression, and was seen as the light at the end of the tunnel as Roosevelt pulled the American people out of a terrible time for the United States.

But what other great leader talked about fear? Jesus of Nazareth spoke of “not being afraid” in many of his parables throughout his lifetime. The Bible has many lines that talk about not fearing or being afraid of anything. When I think about all of these great leaders I realize that Masha Hamilton, Franklin D. Roosevelt, and Jesus of Nazareth are all correct; fear corrodes our inner dreams and can lead to chaos. Not only does fear keep one from taking risks, but it keeps others from living their lives. Fear can enter a person’s inner corridors and wear them down until nothing is left. Americans are so fearful of Afghanistan and the Afghans that we run around Afghanistan with guns pointed and loaded. As Hamilton stated in her lecture, without making personal connections in Afghanistan our problems will never be resolved and we will be seen as a threat to the Afghans; a people trying to occupy their land, instead of America trying to help Afghanistan rebuild a government and a country.

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