Hannah Bowers

November 2, 2011


                From the talk with Masha Hamilton I learned a lot and found it very enlightening.  One thing she really made me realize is that there is a strong fear.  This fear is between people and citizens of Afghanistan and other countries and our very own US soldiers.  This fear goes both ways as the citizens are as much afraid of the soldiers as the soldiers are of the citizens.

                To me the main reason this happens is because both sides are simply just cautious for their own safety.  Who would not  fear someone when they know their life might be on the line?  Another reason that there might be fear is that some are jumping to conclusions.  This jumping to conclusions can easily and quickly overtake any situation.  Citizens might think that soldiers are just there to attack of harm them, while soldiers do not know if the citizens will harm them or not.   Judging is all around the world everywhere, it is natural for humans to judge based on looks or where they live and come from. 

                The main factor of this fear to me is the idea of just not knowing.  No one is certain the people in front of you in a hostile area will be friend or foe.  One way to fix the fear is to hear and see what each side is and has to say before judging but that might not be safe.  It is hard to possibly put yourself in danger just to know whether or not you can be safe or not.  But until each side knows for certain that they can be safe there will always be this certain fear.

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