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October 19,2005


                Throughout chapter 6 in Segman’s book he primarily talked about how the internet is becoming more popular in terrorism and more of a threat.  To me this is kind of obvious and predictable that terrorists would use the internet to communicate better.  If there is a cheaper and easier way to communicate ideas and plans why not use it?  Our government uses technology immensely in communicating so why shouldn’t the terrorists?  In class we talked about how the government will have to work a lot harder to try and “find” the chat rooms terrorist are using to intercept and stop them.  The government will have to work harder but as the terrorists internet experience grows so will ours.  Terrorists communicating on the internet is a newer concept but not one that our government and technology cannot handle in this day in age.

                The one thing that I did find interesting and did not expect is that the involvement of women has increased with the help of the internet.  Maybe since being at home and not being able to help out as much on the battle grounds women have found another way to help terrorists.  Also women who want to help might feel safer by staying on the other side of a computer to help and communicate. 

                Adding the internet into the terrorists world was inevitable of happening and now that is has the communication will of course increase.  Our government will just have to do all they can in preventing it but with the internet being such a huge thing it will never be stopped.

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