Instead of being inspired by people in a face-to-face relation people are now looking to the internet for inspiration.  These people look to online forums and chat rooms to communicate with each other and to find inspiration through online information.  In Europe, it is said that about ninety percent of young people have access to the internet.  But, in the Middle East only about six percent of the younger population has access to the internet.  They only have access in public areas such as cafes and they are the internet usage is actively monitored.  This could be one of the reasons that Jihadism is spread to Europe so quickly and also how terrorist attacks in Europe are more frequent.

This usage of the internet makes the population of terrorist’s mostly younger people who have grown up using the internet.  The internet is a good tool to use because everyone is easily connected by people on the other side of the world.

Also, when you use the internet it makes you more anonymous so you can say what you want without anyone knowing who you are.  The internet also gives a lot of information about many different things.  For example, you can go into Google and look up pretty much anything you want.  If you want to learn how to make bombs then you can probably find a website that tells you how to make them or you could easily connect with someone who knows how to make them.

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