Alison Hornbaker

Why Do People Join the Military?

There are a lot of different reasons why people join the military.  I believe that what Professor Griffith said in his book that it’s just kids from the sticks that join the military is a wrong statement.  There are probably those kinds of people who join the military but where I’m from most people join for a different reason.

I live in a small town called King George, Virginia.  From my house it take about ten minutes to get to the Dahlgren Naval Base, about thirty minutes to get to Fort A.P. Hill, and about an hour to get to Quantico.  Almost all of my friends are military brats and the population of my school is always changing from military kids constantly enrolling and leaving due to their parents jobs in the military.  If you live in my town then you will know someone who is in some sort of military branch.  For example, I have four family members that live in my town who are all in some sort of military branch.

So, after we had our class discussion I asked some of my friends “Well why did you join the military?”  and all of the answers that I got was that someone in their families where in the military and that they looked up to them as their role model.  For example, I asked my best friend why he joined and he said it was “because both of my parents were marines and I want to be just like them.”  I think that people in my town join the military because we have grown up around living some sort of military life.  Plus, the people who they have looked up to (ex. parents) are in the military.  From my town, it isn’t that this is an out for kids who did poorly in school or kids who can’t afford to go to college; it’s the way of life that they have always known or the way of life that they want to keep living that makes people join the military.

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