Advanced Imaging Technology

On Monday the 10th, our Y:1 class went to see Don Goodrich of the Peter M. Goodrich Memorial Foundation speak in the FAC theatre. During his speech, he said something about how he did not mind being patted down, etc. by airport security. This got me thinking about the fairly recent controversy over the full-body scans used in some airports.

The full-body scan can be substituted with a full-body pat down, but many people are not in favor of either, saying that it is embarrassing, or an infringement on personal space and rights. My take on this? I would rather comply with a full-body scan, than risk a person carrying weapons or explosives walk onto my plane.

I understand why people may be uncomfortable with an image of their body being displayed on a screen for airport security to see. I however do not understand why they would not want to board their plane feeling a little bit safer. I have an extremely irrational fear of flying and I would be OK with everyone having to dump their luggage and get naked to go through security. It would be a pain, but boy, would I feel better. I guess some people have more trust in others than I do.

People have also began to question the safety of these body scanners. They believe the radiation could be harmful. My answer, the TSA would not put millions of people through a scan if they thought it could be harmful and that lawsuits could follow. The TSA website confirms this: the radiation is a thousand times less than that of a cell phone. I see no excuse. Think of it as an act of heroism and go through the scanners to protect your fellow passengers, plus, people will be suspicious if you put up a fight (well, maybe just me).


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