The Misconceptions Regarding Various American Religious Groups and the Need for a Separation of Church and State

Stereotypes surrounding specific religious views loom large in America.  The culture we have been raised in portrays Protestant Christians much more highly than any other religious group, creating the belief that anyone who belongs to anything else may have compromised morals or misplaced loyalties.  Meanwhile the religious institutions Americans are socially persecuting due to misconceptions, happen to be more peaceful than many of the more mainstream groups. The two groups most mistrusted by Americans are Muslims and the non-religious.  When the common American was asked what groups he felt did not comply with his idea of an American society 39.6% of those polled said atheists.  Muslims came in second at 26.3%.  However, when we look at what groups have the highest tolerance for military violence, Muslims and Atheists ranked the lowest.  78% of Muslims and 56% of non-religious Americans never feel it is appropriate for the military to target civilians, meanwhile, only 38% of Protestants hold this view.

And because Christian views are much more highly accepted, they are more likely to be integrated into American society – there’s evidence of it in our laws, military strategies, and political speeches.  Even Joshua Casteel argued the separation of Church and State, even though it was for a very different reason (the ideas of the state could never match god; seemingly, that it’s horribly wrong to claim god in ones decision making process because He is so far above humanity).  It’s dangerous to incorporate Christianity into our military strategy, especially when the peaceful reputation a group holds is not what it actually exhibits.  Bush believed god made him President and that as President was acting through him.  But we must keep in mind that it is incredibly dangerous when people feel they can make decisions for god because there is no logical argument against it.

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