Hannah Bowers

Blog Post October 4, 2011


                Patronage has many meanings the one I find that Casteel uses is that patronage is the power to distribute or appoint people to governmental of political positions.  In Letters to Abu Ghraib there is a part that asks “Why is everything seen through the lens of patronage and ‘teams’. If I criticize a group, say, Republicans, for this or that policy, somehow that translates for you as, ‘The Democrats have it right.”

                I think most people, when talking about politics, jump to this conclusion and patronize people and put them in either the republican party or democratic party.  I really do not like seeing or hearing this happen.  No one should be judged and put into a category for the things or just one thing they say if they do not want to be.  There are huge differences and yet some similarities between republicans and democrats which makes putting people into these two categories difficult.  I think there are only a few people that are one hundred percent either in the decorate party or a republican.  The rest should not be categorized into the party because they could have views in both. 

                One area I see this happening a lot is in the media.  I feel like the media is always either taking a democratic or republican side of things, there are no grey areas.  The media feeds off of what head personnel on each side of the parties do and say.  There is never an area in the middle nor an agreement of both parties. 

                I think that if more people and the media stop jumping to either a democratic or republican side everyone can get along better.  We would be on more common ground and can relate to each other in a better way.

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