What I have found is that a lot of the traits of being a good American and being a good Christian overlap.  Some of the traits of being a good American are to have a strong sense of nationalism, to be hardworking, to be honest, to be courageous and to be optimistic.  Some of the traits of being a good Christian are honesty, courage, optimism, kindness and faithfulness.  Also, according to the Founding Fathers, being an American and a Christian go hand in hand.  “Faith in the Creator and true Freedom are inseparable. We believe their worldview was a Christian one based upon the Great Commission of the Gospel and biblically enlightened self-government.”  Since this nation was founded on the Christian faith, I believe that the faith is deeply imbedded in the American way.  For example, even in the Pledge of Allegiance it states that America is “one nation under God”.  I believe that being a “Good American” is very similar to being a “Good Christian”.  On the other hand, I think that “Good Americans” and “Good Christians” also have some different ideals.  For example, Christians believe in peace and Americans believe in getting even.  This is where I could see some tension rising in between the two.  I believe that most of the time the two have a lot in similar with each other.  I think you can’t be a good American without having some of the good Christian values.  I came to this conclusion by how similar American and Christian values are.

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