Am I a Good Person?

Often times people are surprised to find out that I have never been to a church service before and was raised in a relatively non-religious household. My family celebrated the main Christian holidays (Christmas and Easter) but never in religious terms, mainly in the terms of candy and gifts.

Yet, somehow I must have been raised well for people to think or assume that I am a Christian, right? Whenever someone says to me, “Really? You’ve never been to church before? I thought you were like a super-Christian or something!” It always makes me think, why? What makes me anything like a “Super-Christian”? When I have asked people why I seem like I would be very religious, responses are usually, “Because you are so quiet and you never swear.” My first reaction to this is, “You haven’t been around me enough yet!”

So not cursing and being quiet make you a good Christian. Or, do they make you a good person, and that is somehow tied to being Christian?

First off, what are some primary Christian values? According to the top-ten values or principles of living a Christian lifestyle are:

1. Worship Only God

I do not worship any god at this point so minus one point for me.

2. Respect All People

I think I respect all people and I strive to be nonjudgmental.

3. Be Humble

I do not boast about what I have and I do not think that I am vain.

4. Be Honest

I have always been very truthful. I don’t think I would ever be able to get away with lying for too long.

5.  Live a Moral Life

Immoral acts on the list include murder, adultery, and theft. I have committed none of those, so I think I am pretty safe in the morality department.

6. Be Generous with Time and Money

Volunteering and donating to organizations and causes we believe in has been something my family and I have done for as long as I can remember.

7. Practice what you Preach; Don’t be a Hypocrite

Jesus and I both dislike hypocrites.

8. Don’t be Self-Righteous

This is similar to number 2. I always try to find the best in people. There are very few people that I will willingly say that I am better than.

9. Don’t Hold a Grudge

I don’t hold any grudges.

10. Forgive Others

This must be why I hold no grudges. I am always fairly quick to forgive people, as long as they do not repeat their “sin” an excessive amount of times.

I follow 9 out of 10 of the top values of Christianity. The one out of ten is probably what distinguishes me from being Christian. But if that is the case, then one could say that a good Christian is a good person, who also worships God, but I’m sure it is more complicated than that. I like to think that it is not religion which makes a person, but rather the family and values the person was raised on, whether religious or not.

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