Plan of Dealing with the POWs of the war on terror

When the war on terror first started it left the United States in a bind of how to deal with those they captured. The Geneva Conventions stated that all prisoners of war (POWs) had to be treated humanely and not subject to torture or any inhumane conditions. But how does a country handle it when the fighters are not from a state but instead an international group bent on seeking the destruction of one or more countries in the name of their ideals?

Our President at the time when we entered this war, George W. Bush, conveyed to the public that while the Taliban would be considered POWs seeing as they were the hostile government of Afghanistan, Al’ Quada could not claim rights as POWs. However it was also conveyed that they would still be treated humanely.

My thoughts of humane treatment differ from those who saw fit to torture the prisoners who were not considered to be covered by the Geneva Convention. Since this is a ‘war on terror’ then the prisoners from a group of that spreads terror should be considered a POW. We do not need torture to figure out what we need from them. torture is an old tool, and an ineffective one. The way to win a war of ideals is not to alienate those already hate us by torture…but to show them that we have morals and to debunk what they think.

If I had been in the Presidents shoes I would have stuck to the Geneva code to the letter…for only by following the law and showing humaneness can we win a war where our enemy’s reason to hate us is simply going against what they believe and showing us to be evil.

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