How to protect a Nation:

It takes a special kind of person to handle to stress of being The President of the United States. Seriously, imagine that the main objective of your job is to protect an entire nation while staying obligated to multiple allied nations and trying to diplomatically deal with other not so favored nations. The only thing that could possibly be more difficult is accomplishing all the above during a time of war…

In the immediate aftermath of 9/11, fear and anger dominated the minds and hearts of the American people. It was a reflex for Bush to think something had to be done, but the unfortunate thing about a reflex is there is no room for thinking.

 How do you fight a group of people who attacked you on the premise that you’re evil? The way I have interpreted the actions of the Bush administration leads me to believe they followed the eye for an eye approach, but does that not raise more anger in the hearts of our enemies? We gave them proof that America was an evil nation bent against the Muslim world. Rather than following through with his “War on Terrorism” and actually waging war on all terrorist groups, Bush targeted al-Qaeda (one group!) and in turn targeted the Muslim world. Bush made it simple for the extremists to recruit! Regardless of how many times Bush and his administration stress the fact that this is not a war against Islam, actions speak louder than words.

After reading passages concerning Prisoners of War, and the debate concerned around who is and who is not a Prisoner of War, I have just one statement on what Bush’s policy should have been.

Kill your enemies with kindness!

It may be the world peace advocate in me that understands that to be a plausible statement, but I strongly feel that if you take away your enemies reason for disliking you, they have nothing to fight for.

Retaliation has allowed the anti-American sentiment to grow exponentially, and without it, well I’d love to see what could happen without it because I feel that it would lead to great things.

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